Working with other stakeholders

By Ann-Christin Pålsson, Johan Widheden, Emma Ringström, Johan Tivander & Ulrika Palme

In addition to the stakeholders that are direct part of your supply chain, i.e. suppliers and subsuppliers, your own manufacturing, your customers and consumers and the end-of-life, also other external stakeholders can have a direct or indirect impact on the work in the chain.

Among other stakeholders are:

  • Authorities (local, governmental, etc) influences the work through e.g. legal requirements
  • Trade organisations
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)
  • Local and regional communities
  • Academia
  • General public

The work with other stakeholders can both involve influencing e.g. through lobbying, and to get influences from through e.g. status reports etc.

Also, the requirements set by other stakeholders should be considered in the development of strategies for sustainable development in the supply chain.


Please see the subpages for examples on how AkzoNobel and SCA is working with other stakeholders.

Local and regional communities