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AkzoNobel: Environmental Impact Analyser

By Described here is an example from AkzoNobel of how environmental issues can become incorporated in the product development process. To be able to evaluate the impact on global warming, water usage and waste generation already in the R&D phase of a product, a tool for calculation of carbon, water and waste footprints has been developed for […]

Working with customers and consumers

By The customers and consumers have a central role in the work with sustainability in the value chains. They influence the work through their specific expectations regarding the sustainability of products and operations. Also, the customer or consumer can have a direct impact on the sustainability performance of the product depending on how they use […]

How we work with LCA at AkzoNobel

By At AkzoNobel a corporate group, AN Sustainability, are specialists at performing  environmental assessments with a life cycle thinking. The LCA methodology is used to perform a variety of different anlyses in order to support the strategic sustainability work of AkzoNobel. This is though not how it all started. The development of this group, AN Sustainability, are described below. […]

Implement the sustainability strategy

By Once the sustainability strategy has been defined and decided, it needs to be communicated and implemented across the organisation; into the departments where it can be broken down into departmental strategies and goals. If the strategy have been developed in a cross-functional team, the implementation can be facilitated as the different parts of the […]

Communicating sustainability information to customers

By SCA customers for personal care products are all requiring information about SCA:s development in the sustainability field. The customers are provided with information on a broad SCA corporate level as well as on a detailed level for personal care products. The external communication about our sustainability work and achievements is supported by a number […]

Scientific state of the art on green marketing

Customers and consumers are a primary stakeholder group as it is essential for a firm’s survival. (For more information about stakeholders see Other Stakeholders). Research studies have been done in order to understand how to attract customers and consumers to green marketing arguments. Rex & Baumann (2006) describe how many previous research studies has focused […]

Activities in the work towards sustainability in value chains

How businesses work with sustainable development