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History and definitions of sustainable development

By There are many different, although naturally more or less related, interpretations of the concept sustainable development. Here follows a presentation of the more widely recognized definitions and interpretations interwoven with the history of the concept. Most such histories start with the definition in the Brundtland Report from 1987, but as the roots of the […]

Implementation of sustainable development

By Sustainable development can be implemented at all levels and through all kinds of actors. A politician can make decisions and formulate policies that promote sustainable development, or initiate and support international agreements with the same aim. The private citizen may choose a less resource intensive lifestyle, or engage in empowering poor people through becoming […]

Population and society

Whatever interpretation of the concept sustainable development one prefers, human wellbeing is fundamental (as opposed to sustainability which does not necessarily involve humans – it is e.g. quite possible to imagine a sustainable ecosystem without people). Human well-being is about having basic needs like those for water, food and security fulfilled, but it is also […]

Scientific state of the art on sustainability strategies for companies

Corporate environmental and sustainability strategies vary widely from one company to another. The literature on how these strategies can be classified can be useful as a source of inspiration in developing your own strategy. There are several classifications of environmental, ecological and sustainable development strategies. One classification that Boons (2009) describe is that by Petulla […]

Develop strategy and organisation for sustainability work

By A sustainability policy and strategy is the basis for the work with sustainability in the supply chain. This together with a clear organisation, including roles and responsibilities for the work, forms the foundation for implementation of activities towards a sustainable business. The work with developing strategy and organizing work can include the following tasks: Identify the […]

Sustainable development

Sustainable Development – what does it mean?

The environment

A strong focus on the environmental dimension has followed the concept sustainable development since its infancy. The idea of limited resources was perhaps the most important trigger of developing the concept. The last 10-15 years, “environment” has become almost synonymous with “climate change”. This has been the one issue in focus. In reaction to this, […]

Trends and issues in sustainable development

By The focus on sustainable development in society is in itself a well established and steadily increasing trend. The concept of sustainable development, however, is vast and vague. A way of making it more concrete is to look at specific trends and issues related to sustainable development. Here, the most important global trends and issues […]