SCA: Strategy work - how the environmental strategy was established

During 2007-2008 a new environmental strategy was developed for Personal Care by a cross-functional taskforce with representatives from different parts of the organisation. The work with preparing the strategy involved a number of activities:

  • Consumer and customer research, connected to environment
  • Environmental assessments to map the supply chain and products
  • Updating sourcing guidelines on environment, product safety and code of conduct.
  • Investigating the company’s need for environmental communication

In the beginning of 2008, the environmental strategy was approved by the company’s management team. It included three main focus areas: Sustainable solutions – Clean production – Active sourcing, and a two-year programme was established for implementing the strategy within the organization.

The purpose of this programme is to coordinate and guide all activities relating to the implementation of the strategy, and to facilitate synergies. The programme involves and engages representatives for the product categories, communication, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, product supply and environment & product safety.

In the work with developing the strategy, a need for improved  sustainability and environmental communication material was identified. The information should address the latest development and to position SCA as the leading hygiene company in sustainability towards the main stakeholders.

Within the project, different levels of external communication have been identified; on group, business group and brand level, and for each level audiences and topics to address have been defined.