AkzoNobel: Customer communication

By Emma Ringström & Johan Widheden

Part of AkzoNobel’s products are intermediates and part are end consumer products, which mean that our customers both are other businesses and private persons.

Our customers are provided with information about our sustainability work through the Annual report which contains info on our companies sustainability work. Many customers today also require more information on the sustainability/environmental performace on the specific product they are purchasing. For this we use a number of different report formats which all are based on LCA; Environmental product declaration (EPD), environmental footprint and carbon footprint, see the exampels below. More information about the report formats is found under: Further reading: Communication with customers using footprints and declarations .

The EPDs, environmental footprints and carbon footprints are produced internally in the company. The procedure starts with carrying out an life cycle assessment and then producing the EPD document or the footprint document. The EPD is then reviewed by a third part and certified by the international EPD system. A footprint is a normally not third party reviewed. For carrying out the life cycle assessment an LCA software is used and the results are stored in a corporate database.

EPD Hydrogen Peroxide