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AkzoNobel HSE-network in Sweden

AkzoNobel has a national network in Sweden for Health, Safety and Environment. The network meets twice a year to share experiences within the HSE area, but also to create contacts across business units. All members of the network has access to an intranet site where they can share information, publish news and discuss different topics. The […]

Implement the sustainability strategy

By Once the sustainability strategy has been defined and decided, it needs to be communicated and implemented across the organisation; into the departments where it can be broken down into departmental strategies and goals. If the strategy have been developed in a cross-functional team, the implementation can be facilitated as the different parts of the […]

Working with own manufacturing

By The work with your own manufacturing is usually the starting point in the work towards sustainability in your value chain. This is usually where you have the best knowledge on how to work with improving the performance and the best possibilities to achieve it, and before determining how to work with other parts of the […]

Environmental management systems at SCA facilities for personal care products

By Environmental management systems according to ISO 14001  are implemented at SCA manufacturing facilities to secure structured and systematic work with environmental issues within the facilities. The work with implementing and maintaining the environmental management systems is run by each production facility. All facilities for personal care products in Europe have a QRESH coordinator, with responsibility […]

Occupational health and safety in the SCA hygiene business

By The work with occupational health and safety issues for the SCA hygiene business includes procedures for hazard and risk assessment of chemicals and materials that are introduced within process development and at the manufacturing facilities. For chemical products, a specific chemical assessment is performed and if there are specific concerns, also a toxicology assessment […]

Resource management system (RMS) for manufacturing facilities

By The Resource Management System (RMS) is a global SCA management system where all manufacturing facilities collect data and report the total resources used, effluents to water, emissions to air and waste from the units. The measured data is used in the steering of the SCA environmental work and is published in the annual SCA […]

Working with your upstream supply chain

By The sustainability performance of your suppliers and upstream supply chain actors has an impact on the performance of the products, through the production of materials and energy that are used in the product. Consequently an organisation has indirect control of the performance of the product through the selection of which suppliers and materials to […]

Activities in the work towards sustainability in value chains

How businesses work with sustainable development