Resource management system (RMS) for manufacturing facilities

By Ann-Christin Pålsson & Ellen Riise

The Resource Management System (RMS) is a global SCA management system where all manufacturing facilities collect data and report the total resources used, effluents to water, emissions to air and waste from the units. The measured data is used in the steering of the SCA environmental work and is published in the annual SCA Sustainability Report and on the corporate website. SCA’s ambition to be open about their use of resources is unique and appreciated by stakeholders.

The system allows SCA to analyse data about the company’s use of energy, water, transports, and raw materials, as well as waste and emission levels. RMS data is used for internal control and monitoring, external benchmarking and as a tool for evaluating acquisitions and major investments

Description of the system

RMS is SCA’s comprehensive system for collecting and presenting data of individual production facilities and larger entities within the Group’s set up. The RMS system is reviewed by an authorised body  every year, which adds an audit report to the annual report.

There is an RMS responsible at group level, who coordinates the work in the different business groups. Also, there is an RMS network, in which the RMS responsible at the different business groups participates. The purpose of the network is to exchange experiences and discuss the further development of RMS.

Further information

Data from the RMS system is annually published in the Sustainability report and on the corporate website.  Please visit: