Review of sustainability performance of the product portfolio

By Ann-Christin Pålsson, Johan Widheden, Sofia Petersson

A review of the sustainability performance of the product portfolio can aid with defining priorities for the development work. The aim of the review is to gain knowledge of the performance of the portfolio as a whole and for the included parts, and to identify improvement potentials. To avoid sub-optimisations, a life cycle perspective is recommended.

The results from the review can be used to develop strategies and plans for the product development activities; for example should the development work with improving the portfolio as a whole, or focus on selected parts? The result can also be used as good examples in the development work and in marketing, when specific products and solutions has been identified as better performing from a sustainability perspective.

As a product portfolio may include a large number of products, a quantitative assessment of a complete product portfolio may not be feasible. Then a more qualitative approach can be used, in combination with taking some specific aspects in to quantitative consideration. For example, using a matrix with processes or life cycle phases on one side and sustainability aspects (or performance categories) on the other side.