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AkzoNobel: Eco-premium solutions

By Johan Widheden, Sofia Petersson & Emma Ringström

Eco-premium solutions (EPS) is a quick scan method to qualitatively assess the performance of an AkzoNobel product  compared to the performance of the competing mainstream products in a life cycle perspective, in terms of six HSE aspects (Health, Safety and Environment). The objective is to develop more sustainable products and to be able to measure the progress by assessing the share of revenue from eco-premium solutions and to monitor the development towards a goal.

Since 2007, the AkzoNobel product portfolio is annually scanned for eco-premium solutions. An eco-premium solution is defined as a product that provides the same or better functionality for the customer application while also having a clear eco-efficiency benefit over the mainstream products in the marketplace. Eco-efficiency is about creating more value with less environmental impact. We measure eco-efficiency using quantitative analyses or a qualitative assessment focusing on six HSE aspects:

  • toxicity
  • energy efficiency
  • use of natural resources/raw materials
  • emissions and waste
  • land use
  • risks (e.g. of accidents).

The eco-premium solution must be significantly better in at least one criterion with no significant adverse effects in any criteria. The assessment is carried out by an experienced group including R&D, marketing and eco-efficiency experts. Since 2008 the EPS assessment is audited as part of the sustainability audit.

 The share of revenue from eco-premium solutions is presented in the AkzoNobel Annual Report. The 2010 assessment indicates that the proportion of eco-premium solutions for the AkzoNobel portfolio increased to 25 percent from 20 percent 2009,  and 18 percent 2008 and 2007.  New eco-premium solutions were introduced during the year, while some solutions were taken off the list as the eco-efficiency of the mainstream product in the market improved, which resulted in that the AkzoNobel product no longer performed better than the mainstream product.

Documents and more information about eco-premium solutions: