Sustainability governance at SCA

By Ann-Christin Pålsson & Ellen Riise

SCA’s Corporate Senior Management Team bears the overall responsibility for the control of SCA’s business in the environmental and social area.

In 2010, SCA established a new corporate staff unit in charge of sustainability, led by the Senior Vice President Sustainability, who reports to the CEO and is a member of the Corporate Senior Management Team. The SVP Sustainability is also responsible for developing SCA’s sustainability strategy and programmes.

In close collaboration with the Business Group Presidents, the approved strategy and objectives are broken down into specific targets and activities to ensure compliance with the Group’s objectives and business plans.

The SVP Sustainability chairs the Environmental Committee and the Social Responsibility Committee. These committees draft proposals for policies and principles for governing the sustainability work, in addition to objectives and action programmes at Group level. They also coordinate and follow up the Group’s initiatives and objectives in the environmental and social area. The committees include members of all business groups and representatives of Corporate Sustainability, Human Resources, Environment, Communications and Public Affairs.

Responsibility for implementation rests with the operational organisation. A number of environmental networks and corporate social responsibility task forces work horizontally across SCA’s different business groups to guarantee a consistent approach. Responsibility for the management of specific issues rests within the relevant business group.

Further information

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