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Environmental and social standard requirements on Suppliers

By Johan Widheden, Emma Ringström

Suppliers of AkzoNobel need to endorse the same environmental and social standards that all employees of AkzoNobel endorse. These standards are formulated in the Code of Conduct. Every supplier is asked to sign a Vendor Policy Declaration, in which they confirm that in doing busines with AkzoNobel they comply with these conditions:

  • Your products and services meet high health, safety and environmental standards (certifiable: ISO 9001/9002, 14001, OSHAS 18001)
  • Your employees recruited, hired and promoted on the sole basis of suitability for their job;
  • Harassment of any kind and exploitation of child labor is prohibited; (a child is 15 years or younger)
  • You adhere to the laws and fundamental rights in your country.
  • Bribery and any other form of unethical business practice is prohibited;
  • All your business transactions with AkzoNobel are accurately and completely recorded, and guarantee legal and fiscal compliance.

Progress can be found in the AkzoNobel yearly report.

The Code of Conduct and Vendor Policy can be found at the AkzoNobel Sourcing web site.