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Implementation of sustainable development

By Sustainable development can be implemented at all levels and through all kinds of actors. A politician can make decisions and formulate policies that promote sustainable development, or initiate and support international agreements with the same aim. The private citizen may choose a less resource intensive lifestyle, or engage in empowering poor people through becoming […]

Eco-efficiency methodology

By An EEA assesses the ecological impact and financial structure of competing products, processes or services delivering the same customer benefit, and identifies the best alternative. It includes all steps along the life cycle. The general procedure for carrying out EEA is presented in figure 1. The eco-efficiency methodology is based on a combination of […]

Environmental management systems at SCA facilities for personal care products

By Environmental management systems according to ISO 14001  are implemented at SCA manufacturing facilities to secure structured and systematic work with environmental issues within the facilities. The work with implementing and maintaining the environmental management systems is run by each production facility. All facilities for personal care products in Europe have a QRESH coordinator, with responsibility […]

Occupational health and safety in the SCA hygiene business

By The work with occupational health and safety issues for the SCA hygiene business includes procedures for hazard and risk assessment of chemicals and materials that are introduced within process development and at the manufacturing facilities. For chemical products, a specific chemical assessment is performed and if there are specific concerns, also a toxicology assessment […]

Resource management system (RMS) for manufacturing facilities

By The Resource Management System (RMS) is a global SCA management system where all manufacturing facilities collect data and report the total resources used, effluents to water, emissions to air and waste from the units. The measured data is used in the steering of the SCA environmental work and is published in the annual SCA […]

Supplier environmental data collection

By SCA collects environmental data from suppliers as basis for environmental performance evaluation of the supplied material and as basis for life cycle assessments for the materials and products. Supplier environmental questionnaire The data is collected using a supplier environmental questionnaire, developed by SCA.  Through the questionnaire quantitative information is requested about inputs and outputs […]

Uses of Eco-efficiency in business

By Eco-efficiency has become a widely used management concept among large companies worldwide. The reason for this can be as Kuosmanen states: Many policy makers, business managers, and consumers are keen to make environmentally friendly decisions, but they simply lack the necessary information resources to compare different alternatives. …. The function of Eco-Efficiency measures is […]