Supplier environmental data collection

By Ann-Christin Pålsson & Ellen Riise

SCA collects environmental data from suppliers as basis for environmental performance evaluation of the supplied material and as basis for life cycle assessments for the materials and products.

Supplier environmental questionnaire

The data is collected using a supplier environmental questionnaire, developed by SCA.  Through the questionnaire quantitative information is requested about inputs and outputs for the production of the materials supplied to SCA. It concerns use of raw material, energy, and water, emissions to air and water, and waste. Electricity supply and transport information is also part of the questionnaire.

A standard general template for the questionnaire is used, which is adapted for different materials based on technical knowledge, and knowledge about environmental aspects for different types of production processes.


The data is collected and managed by a central environmental department at SCA. As the requested information can be sensitive, the data is kept confidential within this department, and often a specific confidentiality agreement is set up for the exchange of data.

The questionnaire is generally sent to a contact person at the supplier and who then distributes it to the appropriate function at the supplier. The response from the supplier is reviewed in detail at SCA, through mass balance checks, comparison with earlier/similar data, plausibility checks etc. If there are questions, the supplier is asked to provide additional information or corrections of the information.