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AkzoNobel: Haulier evaluation

Procurement of transport has traditionally been decentralized, but centralization is on-going. AkzoNobel logistic which operates at a corporate level coordinate the procurement. Demands on environmental reporting are included in the contract for bulk and packaged transport on road in Europe. The objective is to gain knowledge about the environmental performance of the hauliers and to encourage them to improve their performance. The first period the major carriers of bulk in europe are included in the evaluation, representing 14% of the transport costs for AkzoNobel. Similar carrier evaluations have been performed for AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals and Surface Chemicals, Stenungsund for several years.

How to do it

The environmental reporting includes categories such as CO2, NOx, energy consumption, HC, particles, coefficient of fullness and ton*km. A questionnaire has been developed to assist the carriers with the reporting and to facilitate the follow-up. This questionnaire will also include questions concerning company fleet, fuel consumption and more qualitative questions. The purpose with this procedure is:

  • to increase the understanding of the reported data by guiding how AkzoNobel would like the data to be reported
  • to increase the hauliers environmental performance by asking questions on company fleet and loading factors 
  • fuel the hauliers environmental work as questions regarding this issue will be included

Use of result

The result of the evaluation can be used;

  • to enhance continuous improvements in the environmental work of the transport suppliers
  • in communication with stakeholders
  • in the annual report
  • in future procurements

The evaluation process itself is an important part of the result. By addressing the issue of environmental performance with the carriers the awareness for the issues increases.