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AkzoNobel: Supplier assessments

The AkzoNobel Vendor Policy sets out the environmental and social standards expected of our suppliers. The policy is complemented by support visits for suppliers in emerging markets. The aim is for suppliers to be able to support AkzoNobel to meet the demands of its customers in the future and to outperform competitors. A next stepn is partnership discussions. The objective is to develop a Key Supplier Management program where cooperation with suppliers will enhance ecopremium solutions for AkzoNobel customers.

Supplier support visit pilots

We engaged with 152 critical suppliers in emerging countries

  • More than 30 percent required improvements, with progress
    reviews in place.
  • Several suppliers have achieved rapid improvements including
    investments in personal protective equipment, fire control systems
    and measurements to reduce water use and waste.
  • Several suppliers demonstrated that they are not sustainable partners
    for the future, so the sourcing strategy have been adapted.